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The most beautiful mangacap ever


The most beautiful mangacap ever


"Depression is humiliating. It turns intelligent, kind people into zombies who can’t wash a dish or change their socks. It affects the ability to think clearly, to feel anything, to ascribe value to your children, your lifelong passions, your relative good fortune. It scoops out your normal healthy ability to cope with bad days and bad news, and replaces it with an unrecognizable sludge that finds no pleasure, no delight, no point in anything outside of bed. You alienate your friends because you can’t comport yourself socially, you risk your job because you can’t concentrate, you live in moderate squalor because you have no energy to stand up, let alone take out the garbage. You become pathetic and you know it. And you have no capacity to stop the downward plunge. You have no perspective, no emotional reserves, no faith that it will get better. So you feel guilty and ashamed of your inability to deal with life like a regular human, which exacerbates the depression and the isolation.
Depression is humiliating.
If you’ve never been depressed, thank your lucky stars and back off the folks who take a pill so they can make eye contact with the grocery store cashier. No one on earth would choose the nightmare of depression over an averagely turbulent normal life.
It’s not an incapacity to cope with day to day living in the modern world. It’s an incapacity to function. At all. If you and your loved ones have been spared, every blessing to you. If depression has taken root in you or your loved ones, every blessing to you, too.
Depression is humiliating.
No one chooses it. No one deserves it. It runs in families, it ruins families. You cannot imagine what it takes to feign normalcy, to show up to work, to make a dentist appointment, to pay bills, to walk your dog, to return library books on time, to keep enough toilet paper on hand, when you are exerting most of your capacity on trying not to kill yourself. Depression is real. Just because you’ve never had it doesn’t make it imaginary. Compassion is also real. And a depressed person may cling desperately to it until they are out of the woods and they may remember your compassion for the rest of their lives as a force greater than their depression. Have a heart. Judge not lest ye be judged."

Pearl (via psych-facts)

This is seriously the most accurate description of depression. Wow.

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「仔銀とさくら」/「ナナハラ」のイラスト [pixiv]


「仔銀とさくら」/「ナナハラ」のイラスト [pixiv]





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i have seen death


im so proud of sidsel she got into ev’s and teambuilding and now shes building really strong pokemons u go glenn coco

im pretty proud of myself tbh


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Depression and anxiety can be humiliating illnesses to live with. Due to a wide variety of social factors, the way we’re raised, the media, having an ongoing condition that constantly undermines you but has no outward showing symptoms is something that is still not properly understood and accepted.

Sometimes I feel having depression and anxiety is about learning to live with constant humiliation.

It is humiliating to have to ask for more time on an assignment or project because you’ve suffered a low, or an attack, and have been left unable to concentrate for hours, days, weeks on end.

It’s humiliating to have to quit your job, or get fired from your job, because you have called in sick too many times, or have been late because it has taken you two hours to get out of bed.

It’s humiliating to have to justify what seems, to many, to just be laziness.

It’s humiliating to see the resignation on an employer, or teacher’s face when you approach them and you can see ‘what excuse is it this time’ written all over their face.

It’s humiliating to constantly have to justify yourself to others when you struggle to justify you to yourself.

It’s humiliating to sit in your pajamas and stare at your clothes and wonder if you can manage to pull on a pair of jeans, or wash your hair, or brush your teeth, or cook yourself something for dinner rather than just get take out.

And that humiliation that we inflict on ourselves is unfair. I think it’s really important people understand that. If I had cancer, and was unable to work, or if I was in a wheel chair, and was struggling, if I had broken my wrist and so was struggling to type and do work, this would be considered more acceptable then someone with depression or anxiety in the same situation. People would understand; they are struggling but they can see why.

It’s humiliating when people think that you are your sickness, and that this is something you are controlling.

But that’s not my fault, or yours, if you suffer from the same illness.

Because that’s what it is; it is an illness. And it is not your fault you are sick, and that this sickness affects your life.

And it should not be humiliating, because it is not. Your. fault. If you are sick, and you manage, against every damn thing your mind and body throw at you, to get out of bed, then you are winning.

If you are sick, and you stay in bed and watch tv or go on the internet all day because you need to feel safe so you do not hurt yourself, then you are winning.

If you are sick, and you are struggling with an assignment and you ask for more time, knowing that you may have to explain something that you find embarrassing, but asking anyway, then you. Are. Still. Winning.

And I don’t know you, but I love you for that. 



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cross out the things you’ve done


Graduated high school.
Kissed someone
Collected something really stupid.
Smoked a cigarette.
Got so drunk you passed out.
Rode every ride at an amusement park.
Gone to a rock concert.
Helped someone.
Gone fishing.
Watched four movies in one night.
Gone long periods of time without sleep.
Lied to someone.

Snorted cocaine.
Failed a class.
Smoked weed.
Dealt drugs.
Been in a car accident.
Been in a tornado.
Been to a funeral.
Burned yourself.
Ran a marathon.
Cried yourself to sleep.
Spent over $200 in one day.
Flown on a plane.

Cheated on someone.
Been cheated on.
Written a 10 page letter.
Gone skiing. or snowboarding
Been sailing.
Have a best friend.
Lost someone you loved.
Shoplifted something.

Been to jail.
Dangerously close to being in jail.
Skipped school.
Had detention.
Got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
Stolen books from the library.
Gone to a different country.
Dropped out of school.
Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
Had an online diary.
Had a yard sale.
Had a lemonade stand.
Actually made money at the lemonade stand.
Been in a school play.
Been fired from a job.
Swam with dolphins.
Taken a lie detector test.
Gone to sea world.
Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
Written poetry.
Read more than 20 books a year.
Gone to Europe. (I live there u dumb ass Americans)
Loved someone you shouldn’t have.
Used a coloring book over age 12.
Had surgery.
Had stitches.

Taken a taxi.
Seen the Washington Monument.
Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once.
Had a drug or alcohol problem.
Been in a fist fight.
Suffered any form of abuse.
Gone surfing in California.
Had a hamster/guinea pig.

Pet a wild animal.
Used a credit card.
Did “spirit day” at school.
Dyed your hair.
Got a tattoo.
Got straight A’s.
Been on the Honor Roll.
Know someone with HIV or AIDS.
Made-out with someone.

Played on a sports team.
Snuck out of the house.
Swore at a teacher.
Gone laser tagging.
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Been on the TV.
French braided.
Driven a car.

Performed in front of an audience.
Been in love
Been on a train.
Seen a ghost.
Gone bungee-jumping.
Been to Mexico.
Crashed a car.

Sky dived.
Been kissed in the rain.
Made an 11:11 wish.
Drank alcohol.
Forwarded a chain letter.
Made a mistake.





look it’s the new roster

*nanako voice* no fighting



look it’s the new roster

*nanako voice* no fighting