This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 


So this.

I watched that episode with my family and I could just feel how uncomfortable everyone was. Honestly, it was a really jarring, unpleasant episode.

Homer is a terrible dad. So is Peter. But Homer’s saving grace has always been that he tries—he’s bad at it and he fucks it up a lot, but he loves his family and he wants to be better than he is.

One of my favorite Homer moments is in “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife.” Tl;dr Marge writes a steamy romance novel starring herself and Ned, and when Homer finds out, he chases down Ned and, rather than attack him, asks him to teach him how to be a better husband.

There’s some part of his stupid self that wants to do better.

I never got that impression with Peter. Instead, the family has gotten more and more abusive towards Meg. It’s really unsettling for me when I started realizing that’s what happens sometimes in abusive families. Abusers sometimes single out one child to abuse, and quite often the other family members take the abuser’s side. After all, it’s easier to side with an abuser than to run the risk of becoming the target yourself.

There’s never really a point where it seems like Peter cares at all that his shitty behavior impacts his family. It actually seems to have gotten worse over the years. He expects everyone to clean up his messes because that’s always what happens; there’s really no reason for him not to be shitty.

And it’s easy to see how Meg is affected. She doesn’t have much of a character, really, because so much her screen time is devoted to being abused. The bits of character development all seem to hinge on her being this sad, neglected person who’s trying her best but never really gets any help from anyone. Quite the opposite; there have been a lot of episodes where her family sabotages any attempts to be herself.

It can be easy to forget how awful this behavior is when the only context is the show itself (frankly, everyone on Family Guy is kind of terrible). Seeing it played against the Simpsons, who are a flawed and dysfunctional but ultimately loving family, was painful to watch.


Au where they all go to the same high school and sousuke’s totally crushing on makoto and rin obv knows because boy you cant get anything past ultimate shoujo princess rin and rin totally teases him about it a lot because sousuke turns into a blubbering mess whenever mako’s around

Then one day when sousuke finds a confession letter in his shoe locker thing from makoto asking to meet him at the rooftop he immediately thinks it’s rin pulling his leg and ignores it

The next day he’s wondering why mako won’t meet his gaze and just dies a little bit when rin tells him he didn’t write him anything and the letter was legit


Hey! I’m trying to save money up for school, moving out and a trip to Japan, so I thought I’d give some digital commissions a go for once!

Contact me through email at blows13@gmail.com with your request and refs and we’ll talk!


ふりー落書きまとめ | ずっき Please do not remove source


ふりー落書きまとめ | ずっき 
Please do not remove source


i feel so powerful


i feel so powerful

free! episode 13
  • me: what about sousuke?
  • kyoani: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Don’t insult someone’s smile.what the fuck. It’s somethin that happens naturally when they’re happy just let them fuckin be why would you try to knock someone down like that

"I don’t just ship it
I fucking luxury cruise that shit."
— Every shipper (via biatch-with-wifi)

sinistrom asked: "25,41,123,125"

Haha so manyyy! I’ll add the 127 you asked for in the last ask here, too! Thanks!

25: Ever done a prank call?: Nope! I’m not going to say I’m too good to be doing prank calls cause I’m not, but I always get too nervous so I wouldn’t able to see it through!

41: Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?: The last person who texted me I’ve kissed, but it hasn’t been like on the mouth, just friendly kisses on the cheek and on the top of our heads.

123:Dyed my hair?: Several times! It’s been dark brown, yellow, blonde, white and redish. Right now it’s not dyed though and I don’t have any plans to dye it any time soon.

125: Rode in an ambulance?: I have, but it was only as support for the person with the actual problem. She’d smoked weed while really drunk and ended up fainting so we had to call an ambulance and I followed her so she wouldn’t wake up at the hospital alone.

127: Met someone famous?: Not really, I’ve seen famous people from afar but never talked to or greeted any.

sinistrom asked: "11,17,19,34"

Ahh thank you!!

11: What do I miss: Ahh, I miss childhood and simpler times a lot! I also miss my friends and my siblings a lot too! Living on your own can get a little lonely sometimes and when you’re studying you don’t often have the time to see either.

17: Favorite food: I love a lot of Asian cuisine! Anything with rice or noodles! I also like chicken and stews, flavourful stuff!

19: What am I listening to right now: Nothing right now. I usually only listen to music when I’m drawing or on the move. As to what I generally listen to it depends on what animes I’m into and what music I stumble upon that I like.

34: My relationship with my parents: It’s very good! I love both of my parents and they love me! They’re always there to help me with anything and they always happily present me with a meal and a bed for when I visit, they’re good parents!

tiase asked: "So here is a mixed bag of asks, both funny and some less funny ones 9, 18, 33, 51, 55, 59, 84, and lastly 99!"

Ahh Tias you are always so nice to throw asks at me, thank you!

9: My best first date: Well, I don’t date much in general, and I haven’t had a lot of good ones. But I think the best date I ever had was with Tobi, it was nice and relaxed, even if we couldn’t get a table where we wanted and the movie we watched was kind of shitty I had a great time!

18: Do I use sarcasm: Oh my god DO I. It’s all I ever use, like 80% of my humour, where the last percentage is fart jokes.

33: My current relationship status: Married to Makoto Tachibana. Haha no on the real I’m p comfortably single.

51: How often do I wear a fake smile?: Not as often as I used to. I sometimes fake smile in situations where I know I’m supposed to be smiling but don’t actually feel like it. Not necessarily because I feel sad, just that I often only wear facial expressions because I know I’m supposed to.

55: What is something I disliked about today?: The day has gone by too fast and I haven’t gotten the things done that I wanted to get done. It always annoys me when the day disappears. Especially when I have a lot of things to do.

59: Do I have any strange phobias?: I have rather severe arachnophobia for one. The rest idk if they’re phobias, but I REALLY dislike bare feet and toes. I’m also scared of the dark and dark windows.

84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power? FLIGHT. That or super strength.

99: Smoked weed? Haha Tias you already know this tho, you were there! But yeah I have. Unfortunately I didn’t inhale nearly enough so while I HAVE smoked I haven’t gotten high.


disabled children need to know that they’re worth more than being inspirational objects for abled adults

This could be fun or extremely sad
  • 1: Name
  • 2: Age
  • 3: 3 Fears
  • 4: 3 things I love
  • 5: 4 turns on
  • 6: 4 turns off
  • 7: My best friend
  • 8: Sexual orientation
  • 9: My best first date
  • 10: How tall am I
  • 11: What do I miss
  • 12: What time were I born
  • 13: Favorite color
  • 14: Do I have a crush
  • 15: Favorite quote
  • 16: Favorite place
  • 17: Favorite food
  • 18: Do I use sarcasm
  • 19: What am I listening to right now
  • 20: First thing I notice in new person
  • 21: Shoe size
  • 22: Eye color
  • 23: Hair color
  • 24: Favorite style of clothing
  • 25: Ever done a prank call?
  • 27: Meaning behind my URL
  • 28: Favorite movie
  • 29: Favorite song
  • 30: Favorite band
  • 31: How I feel right now
  • 32: Someone I love
  • 33: My current relationship status
  • 34: My relationship with my parents
  • 35: Favorite holiday
  • 36: Tattoos and piercing i have
  • 37: Tattoos and piercing i want
  • 38: The reason I joined Tumblr
  • 39: Do I and my last ex hate each other?
  • 40: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?
  • 41: Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?
  • 42: When did I last hold hands?
  • 43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
  • 44: Have You shaved your legs in the past three days?
  • 45: Where am I right now?
  • 46: If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
  • 47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
  • 48: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
  • 49: Am I excited for anything?
  • 50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
  • 51: How often do I wear a fake smile?
  • 52: When was the last time I hugged someone?
  • 53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?
  • 54: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
  • 55: What is something I disliked about today?
  • 56: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 57: What do I think about most?
  • 58: What’s my strangest talent?
  • 59: Do I have any strange phobias?
  • 60: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
  • 61: What was the last lie I told?
  • 62: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
  • 63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
  • 64: Do I believe in magic?
  • 65: Do I believe in luck?
  • 66: What's the weather like right now?
  • 67: What was the last book I've read?
  • 68: Do I like the smell of gasoline?
  • 69: Do I have any nicknames?
  • 70: What was the worst injury I've ever had?
  • 71: Do I spend money or save it?
  • 72: Can I touch my nose with a tongue?
  • 73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?
  • 74: Favorite animal?
  • 75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
  • 76: What do I think is Satan’s last name is?
  • 77: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
  • 78: How can you win my heart?
  • 79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
  • 80: What is my favorite word?
  • 81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr
  • 82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
  • 83: Do I have any relatives in jail?
  • 84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power?
  • 85: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • 86: What is my current desktop picture?
  • 87: Had sex?
  • 88: Bought condoms?
  • 89: Gotten pregnant?
  • 90: Failed a class?
  • 91: Kissed a boy?
  • 92: Kissed a girl?
  • 93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
  • 94: Had job?
  • 95: Left the house without my wallet?
  • 96: Bullied someone on the internet?
  • 97: Had sex in public?
  • 98: Played on a sports team?
  • 99: Smoked weed?
  • 100: Did drugs?
  • 101: Smoked cigarettes?
  • 102: Drank alcohol?
  • 103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 104: Been overweight?
  • 105: Been underweight?
  • 106: Been to a wedding?
  • 107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
  • 108: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
  • 109: Been outside my home country?
  • 110: Gotten my heart broken?
  • 111: Been to a professional sports game?
  • 112: Broken a bone?
  • 113: Cut myself?
  • 114: Been to prom?
  • 115: Been in airplane?
  • 116: Fly by helicopter?
  • 117: What concerts have I been to?
  • 118: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
  • 119: Learned another language?
  • 120: Wore make up?
  • 121: Lost my virginity before I was 18?
  • 122: Had oral sex?
  • 123: Dyed my hair?
  • 124: Voted in a presidential election?
  • 125: Rode in an ambulance?
  • 126: Had a surgery?
  • 127: Met someone famous?
  • 128: Stalked someone on a social network?
  • 129: Peed outside?
  • 130: Been fishing?
  • 131: Helped with charity?
  • 132: Been rejected by a crush?
  • 133: Broken a mirror?
  • 134: What do I want for birthday?


d(*ˊ ˇ ˋ*)b


d(*ˊ ˇ ˋ*)b

Oh boy it’s time for a swimmies give away!! The winner will recieve a whole set of my Iwatobi swim club phone charms as seen on the picture above with shipping included!
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This give away will end on october 5th!That’s pretty much it! Good luck guys!

Oh boy it’s time for a swimmies give away!!

The winner will recieve a whole set of my Iwatobi swim club phone charms as seen on the picture above with shipping included!


  • You must be following me.
  • You can reblog this post as many times as you want.

This give away will end on october 5th!

That’s pretty much it! Good luck guys!